Mentoring Initiative 2017 

1. Responsible for coordinating the program and liaise with the Institution (ADCI Management); Parents (is necessary); Mentor and Mentee.

  • Key contact for all mentoring related issue, reports to ATT-Executives of ADCIOSA-NA
  • Subject-matter expert, including registration issues, if applicable,
    communicate with all stake holders
  • Obtain and maintain the support of all stakeholders

2. Document and provide guideline to stakeholders; monitor and evaluate mentor/mentee relationship.

  • Communicate the purpose and need for the program
  • Facilitate and obtain approval for the program’s policies, rules, plan of
    action and, materials
  1. Build lasting relationship with students at ADCI that’ll enable easy navigation of life journey.
  2. Share experiences that’ll prepare young people for life successes
  3. Provide inspiration to young people that’ll enhance their future
  4. Give Back – Yes, give back to ADCI.

1. The Mentee:

  • Develop relationship with a former student (your mentor) volunteering time to help shape your future. (Remember he/she was once where you are).
  • Be respectful to your mentor
  • Discuss your idea and goals with your mentor
  • Be open and honest on your goals, expectation, and concerns
  • Stay accessible, committed and engaged throughout the program
  • Identify common interest and give honest feedback
  • Actively listen, ask questions, be inquisitive without being annoying
  • Seek advise, opinion, feedback and be open to constructive criticism
  • Show your good character
  • Make the mentor, your parent, and the institution proud
  • Make it a life long experience
  • Relax and Enjoy yourself

2. The Mentor:

  • Develop relationship with a young Isolarian, help shape a life
  • Be respectful
  • Support the organization’s mission, vision and goals
  • Stay accessible, committed, and engaged throughout the program
  • Listen Well, they have so much to say
  • Share “lesson learned” from life experiences
  • Offer encouragement through genuine positive reinforcement
  • Identify common interest and help them see clearly
  • Ask questions, challenge them
  • Make them feel comfortable
  • Let them know how lucky there are to have chosen ADCI
  • Be a positive role model
  • Be a source and a sounding board
  • Make them proud to know you
  • Make the relationship everlasting

Anticipated issues and Resolution:

  • Mentor/Mentee Mismatch
  • Parental involvement detrimental to the program
  • Mentee insubordination
  • Mentor inappropriate behavior
  • Removal from the program

All issues will be referred to ATT-Executive of ADCIOSA-NA for resolution.

  • ATT-Executives of ADCIOSA-NA will draft a letter to ADCI Management introducing the idea and the Program Manager by end of Spring 2017 (after notifying and soliciting inputs from membership at a general meeting).
  • Submit proposal and request meeting of ADCIOSA-NA with
    ADCI Management and final discussion.
  • ADCI Management to provide prospective student list by Summer 2017.
  • Program Manager puts program in Fall 2017
  • Mentor/Mentee Checklist
  • Mentor Application Form
  • Mentee Application Form
  • Program Evaluation Form
  • Program Manager Mentor/Mentee Evaluation Sheet
  • Mentor/Mentee Certification
  • etc.


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